8500 Aramid-Inorganic / NBR

8500 Aramid-Inorganic/NBR

Our workhorse material, DURLON® 8500 is excellent in steam, natural gas, soybean processing and with new generation refrigerants. A high quality general service gasket material for use in a wide range of services in pulp and paper, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, refinery, gas pipeline and general industry.DURLON® 8500 exhibits good compressibility and recovery, excellent sealability, flexibility and cutting characteristics.

DURLON® 8500 contains high-strength aramid and inorganic fibers bonded with high-grade Nitrile (NBR) rubber.

fire testing:
DURLON® 8500 has successfully passed a modified version of the API 607 fire test. The duration of the direct flame portion of the test is 30 minutes and the flange temperature must reach 1200°F in the first 15 minutes. The internal pressure is held at a constant 30 psig. After the flame is shut off, the fixture is immediately water quenched with an overhead water blast. Leakage must not exceed 100 ml/min after a 6 minute cool down to successfully pass the test. Subsequent leakage testing is also performed.

anti-stick properties:
Much effort has gone into improving the anti-stick release agents of all compressed DURLON® products. All DURLON® compressed gasket materials have passed the MIL-G-24696B Navy Adhesion Test (366°F/48 hrs).

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