• Style : Fiberglass Textiles

    Style : Fiberglass Textiles 

    Description  :Texturized fiberglass is a non-asbestos product use for coke furnace, stove, and  boiler burner, chimney door sealing valve or pump, exchanger.

    The fiberglass textiles products we supply include :

    – Fiberglass Cloth,
    – Fiberglass Tape
    – fiberglass round/ Square Braids

    Application : Pipe Wrap, Boilers, Gas Fiberglass, Wood Stoves, Gas Stoves, Tile Stoves, Thermal Insulation, Glass Manufacturing, Flange Gasketting, Pellet Stoves, Low Pressure Castings, Oven/Furnace Seals, Coal Stoves, Fireproof Safes.

  • Style : Ceramic Fiber Textile

    Style : Ceramic Fiber Textile

    Description  : Texturized ceramic product is a non-asbestos product use for coke furnace, stove, and  boiler burner, chimney door sealing valve or pump, exchanger. Our ceramic texturized has inconel insert. By this qualification, it can made our ceramic resist up to 1260ºc.

    The ceramic fiber products we supply include :

    – Ceramic Cloth,
    – Ceramic Tape
    – Ceramic fiber twist ropes,
    – Ceramic round/ Square Braids

    Application :

    – Gasket and wrapping material
    – Pipe hanger insulation
    – Welding curtains and blankets
    – Fuel line insulation
    – Furnaces heat zone separators
    – Exhaust hood curtains
    – Cable and wire insulation
    – Induction heating furnace coil insulation infrared radiating diffusers
    – High pressure steam portable flange covers

  • Foot Valve

    Foot Valve

    Material :

    – Valve with stainless  steel  AISI 304L Casing, drilled flange PN 10,
    – Guide and valve in stainless steel AISI 304L, seal EPDM,
    – Strainer in stainless steel AISI304L, Diameters 40 to 600 mm
    – Temperature :  60°C

    Spacial Feature :

    – Spacial versions in AISI 316L Stainless steel for use with corrosive liquids,
    – Spacial versions in HDPE on special request.
    – Spacial application at high  temperatures and in industrial applications

    Feature :

    “Short” Face-to-Face dimensions  API 6FD Fire test

    – ASME Class 150 and 300
    – 2” to 24” standard body materials :
    – AISI 304L
    -2-piece body, Removable screen Spring- assisted silent closing, non-slam center-guided

    Easy maintenance


    ASME Class 150 to 250

    – 1” – 24” Line size
    – 304 SS trim

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