• Durlon 7900

    Durlon 7900 is commercial grade general service sheets with NBR rubber binder for mild service in piping and equipment with applications in steam, hydrocarbons and refrigerants. An economical alternative when service ranges and application are not severe.

    Durlon 7900 has anti-stick coating that reduces time spent removing gasket

    Good compressibility and recovery maintains a tight seal

    Cuts easily and cleanly

    Durlon 7900
  • Durlon 8300

    Durlon 8300 is our premium grade, multi-service, high strength carbon fiber and NBR gasket sheet. It is designed to handle the extremes of pressure and temperature.

    Specifically designed for applications commonly found in the power generation and chemical processing industries, Durlon 8300 maintains excellent seal ability during thermal cycling, even in steam, hot oil, aliphatic hydrocarbons, natural gas, gasoline, solvents, inert gases, mild alkalis and acids.

    Chemical and thermal versatility

    Much easier to handle, install and remove than traditional graphite high temperature gaskets

    Anti-stick coating for ease of removal

    Durlon 8300
  • Durlon 8500

    Durlon 8500, our general-purpose “workhorse” material, contains our unique blend of high strength aramid and inorganic fiber, providing excellent results in steam, hydrocarbons and new generation refrigerants.

    Durlon 8500 passed a modified API 607 fire test at an independent to be reliable in situations where temperature and pressure cycling causes failures of lesser quality materials.

    Our unique fiber matrix provides superior sealing in cyclical applications including steam and hot oils

    Passed the modified 607 Fire Test at an independent laboratory

    Durlon 8500 passed HVAC service fitness for most of the next generation refrigerants and lubricants

    Durlon 8500
  • Durlon 9000

    Durlon 9000, Inorganic/PTFE, It is designed for use in process piping and equipment in chemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, oxygen and industrial gases, food and beverage and other general industrial applications, where physical properties such as non-contamination and resistance to highly aggressive chemicals are required.

    Recommended for a wide range of severe chemical services vs. competitive filled PTFE blends.

    • Does not exhibit cold flow problems associated with virgin or generic skived PTFE, or the hardness problems of some other filled PTFE products
    • Conforms to the requirements of 21 CFR 177.1550 for food and drug contact
    • USP Class VI Certified
    • ABS-PDA Certificate (American Bureau of shipping)
    • Complies with (EC) 1935/2004 (EU) 10/2011
    • DVG-GL Certificate No.13560-14HH
    Durlon 9000
  • Durlon 9007

    Durlon 9007 is formulated with a homogenous blend consisting only of pre-shaped inorganic filler, pure PTFE resins, and pigment.

    Durlon 9007 is designed for use in process piping, food and beverage and other general industrial applications where resistance to highly aggressive chemicals is required. Durlon 9007 conforms to FDA requirements.

    Durlon 9007
  • Non-Asbestos FH260


    FH 260

    Mechanical performance can be greatly improved and other good property of virgin ptfe is maintained by special filler which is called Filled PTFE

    Virgin ptfe has good overall performance such as heat or cold resistance, non adhesiveness, self lubrication, good dielectricity, and low friction coefficient. However compared with other plastics. It’s mechanical performance is not good in low abrasion and creep resistance, low hardness.

    Max Peak Temperature                   

    310 °C

    Max Continuous Temperature       

    260 °C

    Pressure, Max      

    120 bar

    Non-Asbestos FH260
  • Non-Asbestos FH350W


    FH 350W

    Carbon fiber, aramid fiber with NBR binder, and wire reinforced.

    Suitable for oil, fuels, lubricant, alcohols, gases, hydrocarbons, steam, water, cooling liquids, most diluted acids, and alkalies for medium stress conditions.

    Max Peak Temperature                   

    440 °C

    Max Continuous Temperature       

    350 °C

    Pressure, Max      

    100 bar

    Non-Asbestos FH350W
  • Non-Asbestos FH 220


    FH 220

    Aramid Fibre, Mineral Fiber,NBR, Water Oil resistant.

    For medium to higher loadings, Suitable for oils,
    fuels, lubricants, alcohols, gases, hydrocarbons,
    steam, water, cooling liquids, most diluted acids and
    alkalies for low stress condition.

    Max Peak Temperature                   

    300 °C

    Max Continuous Temperature       

    220 °C

    Pressure, Max      

    80 bar

    Non-Asbestos FH220
  • Non-Asbestos FH 150


    FH 150

    Gasket material base on mineral fiber, cellulose fiber, organic fiber, inorganic fillers with NBR binder

    General purpose grade suitable for low pressure steam, water, oils, fuels and inert gases for low stress conditions

    Max Peak Temperature                   

    200 °C

    Max Continuous Temperature       

    150 °C

    Pressure, Max      

    50 bar

    Non-Asbestos FH150

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